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Walking Down The Halbeath Road

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I have an awful feeling we'll draw another two or three games and he'll be kept on and on until we find ourselves utterly rooted at the bottom end. 

The board cannot be that blind to the reality of the situation, surely? We are already miles off of top 4 and need to go on a good run of results to claw our way back. Shit-festing another couple of draws before October will see us even further from top 4, not closer. We need to start winning constantly, starting on Saturday. You can’t go in to a season with the projection of challenging for 1st place and then be fucked in the relegation zone after the first quarter, which is exactly where I expect us to be when we have completed the first round of fixtures.
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9 hours ago, Cardle is Magic said:

Best XI right now IMO:












Dorrans and Cole in the middle would be like having a big empty space in the middle of the pitch for any opposition players to just walk straight past. As bad as Pybus is and as limited a footballer he is, he does at least fill a space there and mean that teams can't just waltz on through into our final third. We really shouldn't have to rely on him but that's the nature of the shite squad Grant has assembled.

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Aye the boy Cole has a creative eye in him, he's not a bad player but he's not your hard hitting central midfielder that will be flying into tackles, not from what I've seen anyway. I only seen the highlights from Saturday but his pass through for Wighton at the death was really good and almost won us the game. I think he will come good. I really can't wait to have Iain Wilson back fit, that will be like a new signing.

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Grants latest article on official site bumming up loan players. Why is he not talking about the young lads like Paul Allan who should be getting a chance or no talk about Rhys breen who’s not had a sniff yet 

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I forgot Cole existed tbh. Bit of a luxury player. The three available midfielders are all a bit of a mismatch tbh. Desperately need Wilson back in there. 

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1 hour ago, Stellaboz said:

I don't remember what Wilson's injury is but he's been out for ages, can't see him being in contention so quickly once he's in training?

Achilles injury 

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Grant mentioned pre-season that there would be no need to make signings when there is youth players available that are good enough, so surely Allan deserves a chance? Even in a midfield of him, Dorrans, and Cole? Playing a 4-5-1 looks to suit us better with Wighton as an out-and-out striker. 

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10 hours ago, Cardle is Magic said:

I must stress, I’m not a fan of any of our central midfield options but can’t bring myself to include Pybus in my best XI.

Yeah, I know Dorrans is not very popular but I feel he could do a lot better with the right player beside him.  When I look at my best XI it is always the guy next to Dorrans in central midfield and the goalkeeper that have me struggling to make the team  look anything other than flawed.

Wilson might be the answer in midfield but we definitely need to sign another combative midfielder to give some depth and keeper will certainly be needed.

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I think everyone can see that I look the most comfortable in that right back slot but anywhere the manager tells me to play I will play and try and do it to the best of my ability.

Aaron Comrie with a not so thinly veiled criticism of Grant.

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