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Walking Down The Halbeath Road

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Might be time to lead him out to a field and put him out his misery.

"We're just going for a wee walk"

"Yes, of course we'll be back in time for your hot chocolate"

*awkward silence*

*lone gunshot*

Tomorrow there'll be a statement about death threats now you've said that.

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What a sorry bunch of utter tossers. The answers to the questions are pretty disgraceful and massively delusional and highlight the utter incompetence of those in charge.

The 2nd statement on the website is also ridiculous. It's really starting to read like Cold War propaganda. My opinion of these people continues to plummet, even when I thought it couldn't get lower. Shameful stuff.

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I think some one is trying to deflect the blame onto the TPC rather than taking the blame them selfs for this huge debacle, As an outsider it appears to me that the reason this share issue isnt popular is because no one can trust Mr Masterton. As for the DAFC statement if i was a Pars fan i would be raging at the way in which they have tried to put a spin on this and fail to accept any responsibility for there current predictament and would rather blame a fans group for the potential failure of the new share issue. Do the Pars have a BOD or is it everyone else does what Mr Masterton orders.

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Fucks sake mate. Hurry up & delete that post...


I'm unsure how true it is, because I know this guy loves a joke, but Lewis Coult - Cowdenbeath striker - has said on his Twitter account he's signed a pre-contract agreement with the Pars...

What, this one?

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if its true it actually shows jj is looking to build a team of inexpensive players much like falkingham, wallace etc would have been. hopefully this also means there will be a dunfermline next season who will be willing to live within their means (not holding my breath).

a couple of my best mates are pars fans and for that reason alone i hope you pull through this.

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However, it is clear to the Club that these are not the random views of a
few concerned fans, but instead is an orchestrated attempt to bring the
Club to its knees. It is known that some national journalists have been
fed stories, while some of the negative publicity came directly from a
major PR company who were presumably commissioned to provide this.

This is fantastic.

I don't know the ins and outs of everything, but, really? They honestly believe a group of fans paid a PR agency to put out some negative stories?

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Noticed Masterton saying the Pars need to stay full time. Is there any reason why they can't cut wages and go part time next season?

They can't lower wages because Masterton wants to convince fans that they're a big team. The minute fans no longer believe in this myth they'll start to melt away.

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