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Walking Down The Halbeath Road

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3 hours ago, Chubbychops said:

Looks like Devine will be back in tomorrow unfortunately. Coley and Kiltie wide. Hopefully get to see Cochrane start tomorrow.

We need to start looking to get a more settled team selection and formation. It's all looking a bit John Potter at the moment.

Except Potter picked up more points...

I'm going tomorrow and i'm retaining hope that Cochrane and Kiltie will give us a boost and the defence remains somewhat solid for a change. I really want Crawford to be a success but a defeat tomorrow would be problematic for him. 

We badly need three points and a good performance but I'll take any win we can get.

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Players always seem to have the best spell of their career at The Caley. 

James Vincent, Danny Williams, Miles Storey, Nikolay Todorov (so far). 

Others I can’t be arsed listing. We just seem to be able to get the best out of players that other clubs can’t.

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If we play Paton and Beadling as a central two then Vincent is the ideal player to get in the gap and win balls and break up our play. I really can’t see Crawford dropping Paton but I’d rather we played a combination of Cochrane Beadling and Turner. 

Paton is done, at best a sub or player coach. He looked good in pre season friendlies but under pressure he just crumbles unless we play five across like the Celtic game. Would like to think we want to aim for a win at home though.

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I know it’s another defeat but that was 1000x better than the last few weeks . Not sure what you could blame Crawford for apart from possibly not putting Todd on instead of Devine and playing beadling at Center back, which would have been a fairly desperate move to avoid using him.

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