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Walking Down The Halbeath Road

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2 hours ago, parsforlife said:

f**k knows, think he’s trying to be clever and get a goal kick by playing it against Oliver, a far too risky move after he had initially done well to get in position to put the challenge in.

I’m also doubtful about scully’s decision to come out there. Oliver had a tight angle to go for and he’d have been better served sticking to his front post. Yea the cut back is still on but you at least force an extra move out them. By coming out he makes their life easier.


Scully coming out I don't have an issue with but only if he makes sure the ball doesn't go through him or beats him at his near post. Murray was there to stop the cut back.

If anyone has more star ratings for Queens game, post them or send me a PM. I'm guessing Ashcroft and Scully will not feature.

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11 hours ago, Poet of the Macabre said:

Finally got round to watching Queens' highlights; what the f**k is Ashcroft doing for their goal man?

Paul Paton said it bounced back off Oliver and that it was a great challenge.

Looks to me that Ash goes in a bit reluctantly, probably scared to give away a penalty with last week fresh in his mind.


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3 hours ago, Chubbychops said:

Paul Paton said it bounced back off Oliver and that it was a great challenge.

Looks to me that Ash goes in a bit reluctantly, probably scared to give away a penalty with last week fresh in his mind.

Not that I'd ever accuse the great man of being anything less than 100% honest but he is the club captain so will always defend his teammates and Ashcroft is in his car school.

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Paul Paton said it bounced back off Oliver and that it was a great challenge.


Of course it bounces back off Oliver, and it might be considered unlucky it falls directly into his path, but the issue is why it goes anywhere near Oliver.

I agree it’s 90% good defending, he does well to position himself for the challenge and times it pretty well, but ultimately the decision to play for a goal kick instead of putting it straight out is what results in the goal. These sort of decisions from Ashcroft are costly.

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Home to Alloa Athletic, if anyone is bothered. Not one single starting XI player should be playing this game. Can't be doing with injuries caused by a guff competition. 

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49 minutes ago, Poet of the Macabre said:

Unspeakably boring tie. As has been said, this should be one for Greg Shields' young team.

Yes, lets see how they get on, from the highlights it looked like even Stranraer fielded a very young team against Sevco Colts, teams that once saw this as their shot at silverwear have totally lost any love for this.

I just hope the colts get pumped out this round, any further progress is really poor.

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Awrite troops, anybody got decent pub suggestions for Saturday?

The East Port or Commercial. Save the ticket money and spend it on beer instead.
Only joking would do with recommend pub that takes children as well.

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79 is pretty impressive I don't think we will get close to that but here goes:

Jason Talbot - Brought in from Livi and was a solid defender who provided a hardness to our defence and a very occasional assist.

Callum Fordyce - Also from Livi was a good age when he arrived and could play a number of positions all signs were good. We never got to see him at his full potential after a terrible injury and I feel his career has stagnated since then.

Ben Richards Everton - Signed from Partick but had spent a season on loan at Airdrie I felt AJ let him go without even tempting to stay which is a shame as he was a nonsense defender.

Michael Paton - Good playing in league 1 linked up play really well however was painfully slow latterly and probably stayed a season too long.

Joe Cardle - AJ fucked this by not handing him a 10 year deal and when he was released it was such a same as he clearly still has a lot to offer a club at our level. But Aj brought him into to get us out L1 and he helped massively 

David Hutton - A pretend goal keeper who regularly dived after the ball hit the back of the net. Pish but probably fine as a back up in league 1 there was no reason to extend him as he was unless in the championship

Sean Murdoch - Great keeper kept us in a few games especially against teams from higher divisions (Hearts, Dundee, Ross County) shame he had hip problems which stopped him playing before retiring 

Rhys McCabe - Solid league 1 signing was worth keeping on in the championship and a player I never felt played well consecutively meaning he was in and out the team.

Shaun Rooney - Had more attacking threat than Williamson but even less defensive know how, he was a good addition after Williamson had a long time injury but was punted at the end of the season quite rightly

Craig Reid - A very solid right back more than capable of playing in league 1 and released at the end of the season.

Mickaël Antoine-Curier - Hopeless, signed when we had loads of options up front and didn't even last the full season.

Marc McAusland - A fantastic player who was clearly far too good for our level as he only lasted 5 months. He got injured against Cowdenbeath in the new year game and then triggered a clause in his contract allowing him to move to Iceland to play football. He was a great addition only weeks after Fordyce broke his leg.

Brad McKay - Brought in to replace McAusland probably someone AJ would have liked to keep longer term but he did a job whilst on loan and was more than good enough for L1

Scott Robinson - Signed as an amateur and did almost nothing at his time with us, as he's gone on to do far better clearly a player who AJ over looked.


Lee Ashcroft - Great centre half who AJ worked with at Killie came with bags of experience for such a young player and played well especially along side a quick and more experienced defender (Morris)

Gavin Reilly - AJ managed him during an amazing season and he was an exciting signing to have however he was dreadful and did very little in his time at EEP other than attack Hawk to our threads.

Euan Spark - Never given a chance in our first team and released a season later.

Kallum Higginbotham - Fantastic and frustrating on his day he was incredible however towards the end of his time with the club he was often more frustrating than fantastic 

John Herron - Brought in to replace either Geggan or Falkingham and didn't deliver a very average player

Nat Wedderburn - Fancy turns and holding off whole teams was enough to cement Nat as a fan favourite however towards the end of his time with the club he was far too slow for AJ's tactics

Farid El Alagui - Hopeless he was all elbows and had a pretty poor scoring record again AJ seemed to be signing strikers for the hell of it, left for Asia in January turned up in Ayrshire a few weeks later.

Nicky Clark - A real coup to get him in and he was a very clever player to have his penalty box work was second to none but attracted some bizarre criticism for not running all over the pitch.

Paul McMullan - A very tricky winger who had very little in the was of final product and was tested away by Dundee United after a decent season with us.

Callum Morris - Morris returns and he formed a great partnership with Ashcroft and suddenly with them at the back and Clark up front it seemed like AJ was building a team properly. Alas his antics at the end of his time with the club put a shadow on things.


Craig Burt - Still with us but with no first team apps its hard to judge

Jean-Eves Mvoto - After relegating Raith Rovers he joined us and was solid enough for the championship without being outstanding.

Aaron Splaine - An okay midfielder but again AJ has struggled to replace Geggan and Falkingham and his midfield would be a problem again this season.

Fraser Aird - A winger with loads more final product than McMullan who he replaced and his good form propelled us into the promotion play offs, sadly his poor attitude let him down.

Dean Shields - Him and Nat despite both being fine for this level were dreadful when played together as they were far too slow to be effective, sadly he'll mostly be remembered for off the pitch reasons

Daniel Armstrong - Did very little in his time with the club arrived in January left in the summer

James Vincent - Brought in to sure up our midfield and certainly made it no worse, he was a well received addition in January and the season after. However he wasn't good enough to challenge at the top of the league

Tom Beadling - A real find for AJ and getting him on a 2 year deal was a bonus as we could tell he was a class above the players AJ had stuck in Midfield after ditching Josh and Geggs

Declan McManus  - A very selfless striker who contributed a lot to the team without ever scoring many himself, just a younger and less effective Moffat really.

Andy Ryan -Still at the club but has had a stop start Dunfermline career and the jury is still out on him, not he was ever worth a transfer fee.


Faiss - Retuned with so much expectation and yet delivered a solitary goal from the season.

Jackson Longridge - Ample replacement for Talbot who turned down premiership football to join us and left after being sold to Bradford, e was never that assured defending and Lewis Martin looks an improvement

Louis Longridge - Meh, fairly average player in a terrible Dunfermline team.

Mark Durnan - Not capable of replacing Morris, never looked assured however it was the other end of the pitch that cost AJ his job 6 months after bringing him in. Left after an injury

Danny Devine - Wonderful addition, actually no, another player who was good enough for the championship but nowhere near as good as Morris both CB had neither the pace of Morris or the physicality of Mvoto as AJ seemed intent on playing a 5 at the back early on it seemed odd to sign Devine and Durnan along with Ashcroft all have similar styles of defending.

Aidan Connolly - Brought in to replace Aird but again did almost nothing of note while with us pretty much a waste of a wage.

Myles Hippolyte - Brought in to replace Super Joe I assume and was a total failure along with the rest of that team

Joe Thomson - AJ finally cracked his CM conundrum adding a midfielder who has drive and positivity and played will with Beadling who provided a defensive side to the partnership

James Craigen - Useful player who would go on to be used in just about every position, he formed a real bond with the fans in his short time at the club.

Robbie Muirhead - I haven't said any of AJ's singings were completely awful but Muirhead is the one genuinely terrible player that Aj brought in during his tenure, he was slow, yet often offside, didn't score didn't defend. truly abject.

Ryan Blair - Another midfielder this time a player who played like a baller when all was well but under pressure he was awful.

Mallaury Martin - If you want a CM to ping passes around and nothing else then Martin is your man he left us woefully exposed in the middle fo the pitch defensively.

Aidan Keena   - Decent enough striker who provided a glimmer of hope when it was pitch black, not as good as Anderson.

Over all 47 players but I have missed a few loans I'm sure let me know and I'll add them in.

AJ seemed to have a really well thought out transfer window in the first season that got more and more confused as the seasons went on, he caused his own problems getting rid of players far too soon before their replacements had been identified meaning Geggan and Falkingham were never replaced until season 18/19 and players like Joe Cardle let to go on frees whilst utter dorks was brought in to replace them. AJ also loves a cheap striker.



ETA not sure where @Poet of the Macabre 's post has gone but let me know what you think.




Edited by Adam101

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Apologies - initially posted in here and then thought it would work better as an all-forum topic.

Some right stinkers in that list though. Considering money changed hands, Muirhead surely has to be the worst of the lot.

Had 100% forgot Scott Robinson ever played for us and actually had to double-check on Wiki to be convinced. Can only imagine how appalled I'd be looking at the JJ/Potter signings in L1...

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