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Walking Down The Halbeath Road

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Thistle have had their share of terrible board members, who pretty much nearly brought the club to its knees over the last ten years.

I get the impression that what has been stated in the press regarding Dunfermline's financial position is somewhat of an understatement? I know PM's have been sent between posters but is this scenario worse than your BoD have stated in the press?

It doesnt look good!!!

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Voice their anger at Masterton ?What is that going to achieve exactly?

It's not the time for division, it's a time for unity.

Singing "Masterton get tae f*ck, Masterton, Masterton, get tae f*ck" won't bring about any good.

Think you should know better slavering kevin

Shut it Gumbo, I'm in IFA.

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I'm confident the PM contains a summarised version of information that I read, one from a source that was deleted by the individual himself after being available to view for around 5 minutes and the other from a source that was censored by someone not long after it was posted. I don't doubt the authenticity of either source, nor do I believe they would be looking to cause harm to DAFC with the points of view they expressed however controversial they may have come across as.

One part of the PM could be considered contentious, I don't believe it's slanderous. The other points are perfectly feasible and a cause for concern.

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I want to see this PM. Really sounds dire up there and I'd want to see what's going on. Feel for the Pars right now, and it's par for the course that some supporters will have the head buried in the sand over it. It'd be the same at any club I'm afraid.

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