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Monday Night Raw Live


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You gave in quickly


I just went with what was becoming an increasing majority, as whilst I don't want the Wrestling Thread to die, it makes sense to do it this way I suppose.

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2am start tonight, nothing announced for Raw as yet. Hopefully more good stuff to follow up on the Lesnar/HHH angle last week.

As for Punk/Bryan, I could maybe see them go down the "Code of Honour" route with this one, followed maybe with Bryan doing something sneaky.

Anyway, hopefully it's another good show.

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Got my first exam tomorrow so won't be able to stay up and watch this week. :(

I've got one tomorrow as well, it's at 2 though so I'll probably watch this and skip through the shite tomorrow morning as I'm reasonably well prepared for the exam.

This forum is great though biggrin.gif

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Psst fucking exams....some people need to get their priorities sorted. Get the exams to f**k, take the resit!

It's a resit from last year ph34r.gif And I'm fucked for the one on Wednesday so I'll be resitting that, I can't afford to resit maths as well.

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Gonna attempt to stay up tonight, chances are I'll crash out halfway through though

This ^^

I'l go through my standard Raw routine and fall asleep during adverts about mid card then watch it on Youtube tomorrow.

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