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What Was The Last Movie You Watched?


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The Devil and Daniel Johnston

Documentary about the life of musician/artist Daniel Johnston, who suffers from manic depression and schizophrenia.

Really good watch. Sad and touching but pretty inspiring as well.


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Mrs.Bold and I went to the GFT on Monday night and saw The Hunter. I'd never heard of this 2011 film, set in Tasmania. A tour de force by Willem Dafoe, but show stolen by the two children (rather like Slumdog Millionaire.) The photography was exceptional, and whilst the story stretched credibility, it was gripping. See it if you can.

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My thoughts exactly. In the same post as "Get Him To The Greek is good", too. :unsure:

So what? I didn't enjoy one film but did enjoy the other, what are you lot, the film polis?

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In gearing up for The Dark Knight Rises I have went back and watched Batman Begins and The Dark Knight again.

Batman Begins 9/10

A superb film and an excellent reincarnation of the Batman series, sets everything up very well. Up until that point it was the best superhero (comic) film ever made. Surpassed in those stakes only by Iron Man and The Dark Knight (probably TDKR too)

The Dark Knight 9.5/10

Must have been well over a year since I last watched it and I had actually forgotten how much I love this film. The entire film is just so gripping and immersing, and just keeps you hooked. Then there are the performances, Eckhart as Dent is good, as is Bale again as Batman/Wayne and Oldman and Caine as Gordon and Alfred. But the film is stolen by Ledger, who is just amazing as the joker.

My third favourite film. I have high expectations of TDKR, so I hope it doesn't disappoint.

I watched both of these recently.

Batman Begins - 8/10

The Dark Knight - 9/10

I saw The Daily Mail's review of TDK the other day. Loltastic stuff.

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Friends With Benfits - 7/10

16 Blocks - 6/10

Social Network - 7/10

Lincon Lawyer - 7/10

Solaris - 3/10

50/50 - 8/10

Just Go With It - 6.5/10

Bad Teacher - 5/10

PS I Love You - 7/10

Backdraft - 9/10

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Seven minutes is no time- imagine you only watched the first seven minutes of Forrest Gump or Once Upon A Time In America- they're not particularly thrilling openings. I stick with my film whether it's mince or masterpiece- I watched Larry Crowne recently and couldn't believe I was actually giving it a chance, but there was a little directorial stroke of genius and a few laughs throughout the tripe, and I'm glad I didn't turn it off.

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Watched the new Farrelly Brothers film last night, The Three stooges and was taken a bit by surprise, I remember reading a bit about this a couple of years ago and for some reason since then I thought it was a bio-pic of the aforementioned characters, it isn't, to use the current vernacular it's actually a "re-boot", using some amazing lookalikies they have recreated the Three stooges for a new era and new audience!!!

Surprisingly it works, if you like the original Three stooges that is. If you are going to watch it because it's the newest thing from the Farrelly boys and you loved There's Something About Mary and Kingpin then don't bother, avoid it like the plague, but if you are a fan of the rank stupidity of the original Stooges then give it a go, it's interesting to see their vaudevillian 1930's type humour transplanted into a setting nearly 100 years from the point they first started off!!!

Also keep an eye out for Larry David as the gruff Nun, he's brilliant in it!!!

If you like The Three Stooges 7/10

If you like the Farrelly Brothers 2/10

If you like neither - avoid

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The Dark Knight Rises

It lost me a little in the middle because, hey, it's very silly, but I liked the way it all came together and it's certainly an enjoyable ride. It's the first time in a while I've felt on the verge of getting a headache due to the continuous volume of the soundtrack. Not complaining though as it added to the spectacle.


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I think it's safe to say that Ultraviolet was never going to be an oscar winner.

Seven minutes sounds like a good effort.

You still can't really RATE a movie after seven minutes though. Turn off sure, but judging... well, he didn't see the movie. So how can he judge it?

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The Dark Knight Rises - 9.5

I won't say anything else just in case people come on here and haven't yet seen it but I really, really, enjoyed it. I re-watched Batman Begins and The Dark Knight a few days ago and would give them 8.5 and 9 respectively. Each film slightly better than the last!

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In the last few days since I last posted I've watched:

Wrong Turn 4 (2011) - 6/10 Far better than the last two sequels, snowmobiles in horror films always lead to hilarious death scenes. :)

Jackie Chan's First Strike (1996) - 6/10 Jackie Chan in a funny hat beating up criminals, what's not to like?

Gulliver's Travels (2010) - 6/10 A former luchador that taught music at high school gets attacked by little people. Funny in parts, although Jack Black is the same person in EVERY film!

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) - 8/10 Decent, but not as good as the first two Nolan films in the franchise. Was boring in parts, especially the fight scenes with Bane which went on for ever and were just tedious fist fights.

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