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What Was The Last Movie You Watched?


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Street Kings - 5 / 10

a was same mate

Keanu Reeves doin what he does best - acting terribly.

Forest Whittaker being a poor mans Denzel Washington.

Quite a 'Star-studded' cast with....Chris Evans/Hugh Laurie/Common/Cedric The Entertainer/The Game.

Poor mans Training Day i think

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I liked it but I can see why people wouldnt. It's worth a watch but does get a bit tedious near the end though.

It's obviously just not my thing, but I was actually getting angry at how shite it was (in my opinion). It just seemed like one of those movies that thought it was actually much cooler than it really was.

And Michael Cera is seriously starting to annoy me with that one character he plays.

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Spider-man 2 was on Five last night. Better than I remember it. What I would like to point out that Elizabeth Banks is in this film! She's the assistant at the Daily Bugle. After seeing Jason Bateman in a minor role in Dodgeball, this continues the run of seeing now famous(to me at least) actors/actresses in small roles.

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Fright Night (2011) 7/10

Decent enough film without being brilliant. Enjoyed Colin Farrell & David Tennant's performances. Moves along quite quickly and I enjoyed it.

The Town 8/10

Really enjoyed this, again notable performances from Ben Affleck & Jeremy Renner. Find yourself rooting for the "bad guys" in the bank robbers and really got into the story. Also, Blake Lively is involved so no complaints there.

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Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon 7/10

I went into this this movie with very low expectations but it turned out to be a very enjoyable movie.It take the piss out of most slasher movie cliches.

I too, enjoyed this movie greatly and often preform the elbow with my good friends

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Seemingly they are making a sequel but they need donations to make it a possibility.

I too heard this thanks to a "damage" guy. I always planned on donating if I won the Euromillions

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Days Of Heaven

The only film by my favourite director that I hadn't seen, and it's one of his better ones.

The acting sets the mood of this drama as well as the direction, and Malick's impressed me once again with a unique voice-over narrative. The 20 year break between this and The Thin Red Line was well deserved.

Cinematography to die for. No doubt his third best film after The Thin Red Line and The Tree Of Life. Misses out on the big 10 because I felt it just lacked that little bit of magic a true masterpiece has sprinkled all over it. There were points when this film had it, but it wasn't as fluent.


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Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps ( 2010 )

A worthy sequel to a very good movie. I'm a huge fan of Josh Brolin and once again he just comes across as being cool as f**k, even when he is being a massive dickhead. Michael Douglas is great again as the sort of bitter but better older version of himself. Shia Lebeouf is just not the most likeable of guys in any movie and it doesn't change much here. The plot is just about as solid as the original, and with more subplots which aren't QUITE as interesting, which is what drags it down just a touch. Credit to it though.


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Schindler's List

To keep this quite simple. It's up there with the best of all time, Neeson is absolutely outstanding whilst Fiennes and Kingsley have also got to be mentioned for their roles. Spielberg does some amazing work for this film as well.


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I had a wee chuckle when ghekko got his mobile phone back at the start.

Aye, that was a good wee touch.

A Nightmare on Elm Street ( 2010 )

I always try and give remakes the benefit of the doubt and allow them to be their own movie. This, however, is horrific. The new Kruger's delivery is absolutely horrific, and the face is even worse. The original Kruger was menacing. The new one looks stupid. That was always a danger of making wee changes, so can live with that, but not the delivery. That COULD be helped. Then we come to the other characters, who are basically a bunch of c***s who piss and moan every fucking second. Characters in this sort of movie are rarely happy-go-lucky given the circumstances, but they can be LIKEABLE. Add to that the fact that it just feels like any other teen slasher movie, and loses all of the creep factor that it SHOULD have, and this is very much horrible stuff.


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