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Next Seasons Kits

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A slightly better pic of Thistles kit;


That just shites over any thing the Rover swill get stuck with as an away kit. Ours will no doubt be plain fucking red, possibly with blue or red trim.

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That thistle kit does look nice but if it is navy blue, that ruins it, just because i don't like navy blue. the sponsor is far too big for just 4 letters though.

Our kits, I quite like them both, standard enough fair really. Cheaper stuff, but clearly from a supplier than can deliver closer to our needs. The Puma ones have been smart, but they've also continually failed to deliver kits on time and have silly demands on bulk buying which mean we've had to have either far too many of them (as in 10/11) or not enough (as in 11/12). The fact that both kits are now in stock is streets ahead of last year when the season was well underway before the away kit became available to fans.

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Someone at Thistle must be shagging someone at Puma. I've no idea how you avoid the standard templates. The away shirt will never be to the tastes of some but its is different and brave in a time when safety 1st would be most teams option.

I like it & I'm impressed.

Here's Cowdenbeath's home kit. It's an Umbro stock design but a very nice one.


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I think the thistle designs are just down to someone at the club asking for something a bit different & letting the companies designers go nuts, probably every other team just asks for a few sample designs & picks one

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Better image of the new Morton home kit (away is the same as last seasons). Looks great from the front, but the back is plain white again which is disappointing. Would have contemplated buying it if the hoops went right around.


Maybe I'm just tired, but who's the guy in the middle?! :ph34r:

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