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Big Rangers Administration/Liquidation Thread - All chat here!

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I really hoped my earlier rant would have eased my blood pressure slightly: I should have known better than to listen to the match commentary for the East Fife game!!

My God, could the comments from McLean and Ferguson (not to mention Chic!!) be any more sycophantic and drooling??!! They are absolutely salivating at how amazing Rangers are being, just how good they are, how it is clearly "men against boys" (one of them actually just said that!)

Of course they should be better than East Fife!! They are spending a bloody fortune on players that can not sustainably afford!! Has no one learned any lessons from this whole sorry mess?

Honest to God, the standard of remarks from the commentary team is just nauseating. Pure succulent lamb.

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So - still bloody cheating! McLean and Ferguson doing the only decent bit of commentary the whole night and admitting that the given attendance of 38,000 odd is just nonsense! Rangers obviously manipulating the figures to pocket the extra cash from about 10,000 more fans!!

10,000 people, at what, £15 a head someone said? £150,000 - East Fife would get half of that. What would £75,000 do for a club like East Fife?

Utter contemptible cheats. Plus ca change......

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Bet you Rangers think twice about walking away from £134M of debt again.

They currently have a team loaded with SPL players and the 2nd biggest wage budget in Scotland.

So glad the authorities didn't bottle punishing them.

You could sum this up with walk away from mega debt with the punishment of div 3, god only knows how long they'll be out the SPL with all this reconstruction talk.

The only meaningful punishment was the transfer embargo. That was until they slapped a buy now pay later on it, and it became a waste of time.

The fact they are in div 3 wasn't handed to them by the authorities either, but the chairmen of the 41 other clubs. They weren't even made to apply.

Getting away with murder still eh?

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If Rangers want to waste fortunes on players to get them through the next couple of windows the other clubs should let them get on with it. They have been cheating like f**k for years now. Why would the others engage with this and bother competing?

Just give them the fuckin ball, let them rack up 50 - 0 wins every week and concentrate on the 9 team league that exists around them. That is what will happen anyway (the 9 team league) so don't get involved with them. Let them bore their way through and show them for the sham they are.

On a separate note, have they paid Hearts? If not what the f**k is going on that they are signing boys for thousands a week wages?

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Chico - 38,000 eh? Looked full to me.

Green - Well it was like the old days when 20,000 somehow would get in without paying.

Chico - How's this club being financed?

Green - waffle waffle waffle

Chico - What do you think of Sir Dave's comments?

Green - He's right. I can't understand why the SFA are still looking into this. The club did everything right.

Chico - Love you.

What Chico should have said after Green's last comment is "Yes, the club did give notification of the contracts between the club and players as outlined by the SFA in a proper manner. BUT, it's the other contract that Hector is querying, that wasn't shown to the SFA because it didn't directly come from the club. Did you not realise that Sir Dave is being very careful with what he says Chuck?

But Chic was probably too busy trying to get his erection to go down after being back at Ibrokes. dry.gif

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