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Big Rangers Administration/Liquidation Thread - All chat here!

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Mon the Queens 11 !

(Park that is :ph34r:)

THE captain of Queen’s Park has threatened to seriously injure Rangers players when the teams face each other this season.

Skipper Ricky Little, 23, singled out Scotland ace Kirk Broadfoot and new signing Ian Black on his Facebook page.

Amateur club Queen’s, who play at Hampden, will face Rangers in the Third Division on October 20 at Ibrox.

Central defender and plant hire worker Little posted: “I will apologise in advance to all my Rangers supporting friends, there’s a good chance I’m going to nail a couple of your players this season!!”

The comment prompted one pal to say: “Break that **** Broadfoot’s legs.”

Little, who used to play for Partick Thistle, responded: “First on the list mate!”

When another friend said they wanted to see a two-footed challenge on Black or former Scotland international Lee McCulloch, Little insisted he wasn’t a dirty player but added: “Can guarantee a meaty challenge on Black.”

One pal added a comment about McCulloch – despite misspelling his name – and prospective signing Craig Beattie, stating: “Just go for McCullough knee and Craig Beattie is made of glass.”

Little started his career at Ayr United and was captain of the Scotland schoolboy U-18s.

Last season, he was nominated for PFA player of the year and was named in the Division Three team of the year.

On Friday, Little, from Stevenston, Ayrshire, said:“I admit I did make the comments. I’m a Rangers fan so I did not mean to cause any offence. I only posted the comments for friends and I did not realise other people could see them. I thought my Facebook page was private.”

Little then removed the comments and said he would not make any more.

Football pundit Pat Nevin says footballers have no one to blame but themselves if they post offensive material on social networking sites.

The former Scotland, Chelsea and Everton star added: “The footballers’ union have done plenty of work in this area with players.

“Footballers should be aware that, if they post comments on the internet, even if it’s just for their mates, then other people will read it.

“If a player is caught, then he has to take the consequences such as a fine. No one can say they haven’t been warned about the dangers of posting stuff other people may find offensive.

“I took the decision a while ago not to use Facebook or Twitter.”

Last December, Nevin, who also works for BBC Scotland and Channel 5, won his battle to cancel a vile bogus Twitter account set up in his name.

Bigger names than Little have fallen foul of social media gaffes recently.

Last week, Manchester United star Rio Ferdinand was charged with improper conduct by the FA over Twitter comments made about England team-mate Ashley Cole.

In June, Wayne Rooney was rapped by the Advertising Standards Authority for using his Twitter feed to promote his sponsors, Nike,

Tottenham star Jermain Defoe was dumped by his singing star girlfriend Alexandra Burke in May over claims he cheated on her with a woman he met on Facebook.

But footballers and sports stars have also been victims of social media.

Strathclyde Police arrested and charged a man in January after Rangers stars Maurice Edu and Kyle Bartley were allegedly subjected to racist comments on Twitter.

Last week, a teenager was arrested over a malicious tweet sent to Team GB diver Tom Daley.

Yesterday, no one from Queen’s Park could be contacted for comment.

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From the Snday Fail via the BBC -

I nominate him for "p***k of the Week"

He is one to rattle on a bit and you do have to wonder exactly how he has been quoted or misquoted or when this great revealing interview was done. .

On thing for sure is that the rest of Scottish football can not sit back and watch something like this happen next season. I do however doubt it will be an issue unless Green sells The Sevco.

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On phone so can't check link...someone earlier on God knows how many pages ago posted numbers foe business and water rates which were hefty and when you add in public and employee insurance policing payroll for a hundred non playing staff pitch and building maintenance contractors gas leccy tax ni vat suppliers etc its clear that business costs can't be covered let alone players wages and the three million footy debt

Page 3143.

About 2/3 way down.


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The sight I saw in barrhead yesterday nearly turned my stomach.

I woman that from the back looked like Oliver Hardy wearing "the new" Sevco top and a pair of very tight (although they probably weren't meant to be), spandex union jack trousers standing outside a newsagents with a cigarette in one hand and a carry-oot in the other. The two guys and another woman she was with were standing at the door just chatting away to the shopowner.

Across the street minding their own business are 4 Canadians just walking by chatting happily to each other, one with a celtic scarf tucked into his back pocket. Which Ms Hardy has clocked.

"Ho!!!" comes the shout from Olly.

Not realising that she is calling to them the Canadians keep walking.

"Ho, yous!!!"

The girl turns to look over at who is shouting and sees the union jacked bedecked vision across the street. She clearly only recognises the union jack trousers so waves back and shouts, "Love the union jack, go Team GB!!!"

"f**k off ya Fen*** cun**, away back tae ireland. I hope ye get fuckin' stabbed!!!"

"I dont understand what your saying, we're from Toronto." shouts the girl over the street.

"Away back to fuckin' america then!!!"

As they passed us by my dad apologised for what had happened. But they said they couldnt understand a word although they got the sentiment.

The laugh was that as it turns out the 4 of them had come over from Canada on holiday. 1 of them had been at the Celtic game with a friend that lunchtime, whilst the other 3 were going to Ibrox on tuesday!!! biggrin.gif

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All that dark blue is "Very Good"! I knew this outfit would do well.

Lovely. They don't do walking in.

I see that East Fife have sold out their section. Maybe Green could give them the entire Broomloan stand to make the place look fuller.

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I notice this on the link you provided, Claymores: Season Tickets in theBroomloan Rear Family Section or Broomloan Front do not include tickets for Rangers v Celtic matches.

Do you think they realise what's happened over the past 6 months yet? blink.gif

Regan has guaranteed Green there will be at least 4 OF matches this season.

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From the Snday Fail via the BBC -

I nominate him for "p***k of the Week"

If he said that (don't the know the full context) then he's being disrespectful to the SFL teams and players.

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From the Snday Fail via the BBC -


"Kilmarnock manager Kenny Shiels says there must be a second tier of the Scottish Premier League established next season, with Rangers playing in it as the Ibrox club should be competing against "professional people" and not "part-timers such as Albion Rovers and Stranraer".

I nominate him for "p***k of the Week"

Is that "professional" - as in David Murray and Charles Green? Great track record, the pair of them. Well done, Kenny. Who told you to say that?

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Shiels is correct. Rangers SHOULD be competing at the top end of our game, against 'professionals'.

The reason they aren't, is because they are cheating tax avoiding, debt dodging, double contract abusing cnuts.

Sevco and gobshite Shiels - fcuk off.

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Another f'ker who's a moral and financial nightmare, has ran up debts of millions, had 30 odd companies go under and yet he's still got a mansion and presumably still lives the high life.

It's no fair I tells ye mad.gif

Didn't take long for the Orcs to start digging :) , they looooooooove him.

I know Jim Park, conman would be an apt description. Remember him at the Herald? This worries me.

I know this character Park, He is BAD NEWS, him and liam kane were involved in both the rhebel and the herald in the 90's, they left both under a cloud allegedly, if this is true and he's getting involved then we are in trouble, here's a wee bit from the herald in the 90's:

Wednesday 21 January 1998

Park resigns from Record

The Daily Record and Sunday Mail group has lost its second senior executive in less than a week. Sales director Jim Park, who was in charge of advertising and circulation, resigned on Monday, following the departure of managing director Liam Kane the previous week.

It was Mr Kane who took Mr Park to the Record after both men left Caledonian Newspapers, the then publishers of The Herald.

Mr Park's original appointment had surprised some people in the advertising industry, as he had been a declared bankrupt between 1992 and 1995.

Although it had been heavily rumoured at the time of Mr Kanes departure that Mr Park would follow within days, Mr Kane tried loyally to support him and wrote to The Herald last week, claiming that Herald reports of Mr Parks imminent departure were inaccurate.

Thanks for that, forgot he worked at the Record. Started in business when he worked for Polaroid, selling to other employees. Rapid rise into money (from somewhere!). Was married to Norma Bell one of the models on the Tennents cans, remember them. Also had a office furniture business in Argyle Street at one time. Had a guys eye out with a snooker cue in the Cardross Inn when he was younger. Could go on, as you say he is BAD NEWS.

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I'll be very surprised if there isn't a reconstruction proposal put to clubs fairly soon. I wouldn't put too much stock in previous votes as an indication that SFL 1 clubs, particularly, would vote against it. I wouldn't even be surprised if it's just straight invitations to join the new set up rather than "reconstruction" to bump Rangers closer to the top division.

Doncaster was evasive about the content of the earlier unsigned SKY deal until he couldn't avoid it. What might be in the new one. I think it'll be along the lines of......".Get them back in pronto ya specky wank!"

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