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Big Rangers Administration/Liquidation Thread - All chat here!

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We'll go round in circles here! I believe that the "sanctions" for playing illegally registered players is to award the game(s) to the opposition (usually 0-3) and/or remove titles/trophies won where illegally registered players were used. The directors then may find themselves banned. You may be right on newco membership being revoked (i.e. I may be wrong!) but I don't think that's a sanction that is available for this and neither do I think there is a precedence?

That may mean that the first season they used incorrectly registered players they would be bottom of the league after their actual results are converted to three nil defeats. This may have resulted in the incorrect side being relegated and a team not playing in the following season's European competitions when they ought to have qualified instead of Rangers. These sides are entitled to compensation. There is also a knock-on effect which delivered false results in subsequent seasons and generate further claims for compensation.

Does the level of this compensation get added to the football debts that are carried over in the transfer of a licence? Or will they sweep it under the carpet and hope nobody notices. If I was the owner of one of the sides who lost out I'd be wanting my cash.

On a wider scale European opponents may also be entitled to compensation as a result of being knocked out by Rangers (I believe that may have happened periodically) who fielded a side and/or qualified for the competition through using improperly registered players. How far back can the football authorities choose to go to ensure justice prevails?

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And the website says "The supporters of AFC Wimbledon believe that our club is a continuation of the spirit which formed Wimbledon Old Centrals in 1889 and kept Wimbledon Football Club alive until May 2002. We consider that a football club is not simply the legal entity which controls it, but that it is the community formed by the fans and players working towards a common goal. We therefore reproduce the honours won by what we believe was, and will always be, 'our' club, in our community."

There's no harm in believing. Lots of people believe, e.g., that

- the Earth is flat

- the world was created in six days

- Santa Claus exists

- the Pope is infallible

They are all wrong too.

You're free to disagree, of course.

But I was answering the specific point that AFC Wimbledon fans did not even lay claim to the history of the old club. That's demonstrably bollocks.

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Airdrie United does not = Airdrieonians,we know that and keep getting reminded of it.So you can sadly keep thinking what you like about us,we know what we are....and it isn't Onians.

Okay then, I stand corrected, apparently there is at least one Airdrie fan who doesn't think of it as being a direct continuation of the club in its previous guise. That's a bit odd, but fair enough.

(What made you choose to support Airdrie United, then?)

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Green has been talking to Reagan and Doncaster.

I reckon they:

wont strip the trophies.

spl wont investigate ebts (Doncaster will release a statement saying "we felt it was more appropriate for the proper authorities to deal with this matter")

Green has prob accepted the transfer ban, because he's already got half a team of decent players who will walk the 3rd div.

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I hope you reminded him about the £5.5m they will owe Chico Green? :lol: :lol:

Plus interest, which I'm sure will be very reasonable.

Anyone notice what rates wonga.com and useyourchildasguarantee.com are charging nowadays?

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Okay then, I stand corrected, apparently there is at least one Airdrie fan who doesn't think of it as being a direct continuation of the club in its previous guise. That's a bit odd, but fair enough.

(What made you choose to support Airdrie United, then?)

As i stated in my previous message...it was my local side.I chose long ago not to follow the OF.For your info if you actually came along and spoke to the fanbase you would be surprised that very few if any consider us to be the old club,so how is that a bit odd.

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Woke up this morning (no, wait, this isn't a Blues number) with a thought in my head. Which is unusual.

Anyway, what if the stand off between SFA/spl/SFL/oldco/newco is a smokescreen? Those here who are more expert on me with these matters, ie, everyone, might shoot this down, but with oldco not yet liquidated, would a transfer of SFA membership to newco then place that newco in the position of inheriting some of the debts of the old company?

Then I went down to the station with a suitcase in my hand. unsure.gif

Greenie for the blues references.


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Sorry to spoil your argument as I want them as deid as anyone else however the spirit resides in a physical entity. When that entity dies the spirit lives on and may be perceived as a ghost however the spirit at a later date may reside in another entity that is born.

Here to help :)

So what your saying Buddha boy is that the 'spirit' of rangers could be reborn in a irish, kafflick ladyboyohmy.gif

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If someone else is driving your car and totally wrecks it .. You can get a new body shell and transfer all the body parts and anything salvageable .. then stick the shiny badge on the bonnet .. but it will never be the same car !!



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Hey everybody,

Up until about this time last week I had read every page of this thread, but due to some family circumstances I've fell behind and only seeing snippets in the MSM I don't have a clue what's been happening in this saga.

Any chance anybody could fill me in on what's happened over the past week or so???


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Somebody in Govan is, as we speak, composing a song entitled The Light Blues Blues.

All suggestions for lyrics gratefully received.

It's hard here baby, singing the blues,

Down with the Annan, just payin' our dues,

Three years time though the Gers will be back,

If we do the right thing and give Sally the sack.

Life sure is hard, we've been punished enough,

Our players upped and left us, and Broadfoot is duff,

We ain't got no money, we ain't got no cash,

We ain't got five titles and four cup wins were gash.

They just keep on kicking us when we are down,

We're left with a fanny like John Bomber Brown,

We ain't got no hope and we ain't got a chance,

We can't go to England, or even to France.

So we'll keep on singing the teddy bear blues,

Kicking off in the Ramsdens, still paying our dues,

Got Irn Bru sleeves and no cash in the bank,

Just Bomber and Ally and Sandy the wan.....

Needs a polish...

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