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I see your point, General Paolo, and acknowledge your rational hatred toward Sweeney due to the lack of backspin he applies to anything he does (particularly throw-ins). When you consider (I'm not 100% on these) Clyde have scored one goal from a corner through Gallacher against Shire (-1 assist), one penalty against Alloa (-1 goal) and one goal from a long throw against Peterhead (-1 assist), then we get 3 goals and 4 assists. If we discount those goals altogether, for the sake of this debate, we've lost 3 points from the "no" penalty, and we've scored 18 from 20 games. Another point I'd like to make is that rarely do Sweeney's corners and throws come to anything, even with a good delivery.

We scored 3 times from a corner against East Stirling at home; We scored from a corner at East Stirling away (Sweeney wasn't playing); We scored a penalty away to Berwick; We scored from a corner against Berwick at home.

There's probably more I can't think of.

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Even then, is it right to criticise the fact he has those assists from set plays, goals from pens? If anything we should be praising him for his ability to get assists like that, to be able to take penalties well.

I would rather he was slightly better at football in general.

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Sweeney has 5 goals and 8 assists according to the official website you cant discount this simply because it doesnt suit your argument. He might be shite but he has still be involved in over half our goals this season.

This is my favourite post. He might be shite but he's still been involved in over half our goals this season.

But still shite, aye?

Admitting of error, I find to be a relatively pain free and emancipating experience, however it's clearly a sublimely painful one for those pronounced and unpronounced members of the unofficial guild for the deification of less than mediocre footballers, including John Sweeney. Their asininity is flabbergasting; now actually admitting he's crap but still (still!) adding little comments of pretend redemption.

It'll be interesting to read further Sweeney apologia in the coming days, as I'm sure there will be some more. Each more stupid than the next. And none of which will alter the reality of his incapacity, just as the appearance of Jim Duffy last season didn't imbue the player with transcendent skill or suspend the natural order so as he could somehow become better than the, we'd all agreed, utterly abysmal player of our first third division season.

This club's great man of letters, Sao Paulo... The scholar... That esteemed academic and sophisticated technician of backspin... He stands before us now... Righteously dignified, staunch and protestant. But most of all, correct.

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The big problem is that he's been playing in midfield alongside Hay and either Scullion or Gray all season. As such, Sweeney as probably the most attacking of any of those four is expected to have some sort of creativity when on the ball and he quite simply doesn't have the ability.

We'd be much better going back to the 442 which we used earlier in the season, with Neill or Oliver playing off one wing and somebody (Kane, Irvine, Fitzpatrick) on the other side offering something approaching width.

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Was only slightly funnier than your repetitive "yer shite Sweeney!" I suppose. The comment about Scullion was hilarious at the time :lol:

He's actually a really nice guy. Not many players will appreciate the fans (except you :P) more than him.

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Top banter with Sweenzo at half time yesterday. Including Pat Scullion being at the chippy during the game, taking ScottR96 to the cleaners in an argument and me sending him the wrong way from the penalty spot :D

He probably deliberately dived the wrong way to give you a chance.

What were you doing on the pitch anyway? You taken Archdeacon's place on the bench?

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There's no way he's been anywhere near our best player this year, but I would like to see him kept on as a squad player next season. Big Dec all the way for me!

Definitely our best player and you wonder why he didn't get himself a full-time deal last summer. An absolute steal having him this year and he'll be a huge miss next season.

Though I actually voted for Iain Gray :ph34r:

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