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The Queen of the South Thread

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34 minutes ago, die hard doonhamer said:

"We're sorry you feel upset." Not for being so far out of touch with the fan base though. Absolutely ridiculous.

Is Priti Patel the communications director at Queen's?

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6 minutes ago, Enigma said:

Heads should roll for this though.

That's it. I am usually one of the posters who defends the board - says it's not their job to bankroll us, the club is doing alright given the economic situation in the region, that they seem to take a lot of initiatives on our behalf, there's no-one else stepping up to be a director, etc, etc. I think they get a harder time from fans than is normally deserved. But this is just a shambles from start to finish. It feels exactly like one of they moments where someone has to walk.

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Aside from the issues around him actually attending, that is probably the most stupid statement I've ever seen from a football club. They haven't explained themselves, they haven't apologised (beyond a pathetic 'I'm sorry if you were upset'), they have treated their own fans like mugs who don't deserve an explanation, and finally have just massively raised awareness of this to a national audience - the tweet already has hundreds of retweets.

Whoever wrote that and/or allowed it to be released clearly does not have an ounce of awareness or common sense.

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At least this causes some diversion  from on-field issues !
Some football fans just love the opportunity to feel offended or left out.
Storm in a teacup as far as I am concerned.
Absolutely no surprise to see you hold this view.
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This all suits George Galloway perfectly, he's absolutely desperate for attention and relevance.

He'll find some way to turn this into something political. I'm sure his travel to and from the game was essential though.

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3 minutes ago, Ludo*1 said:

 slapping all these people in the face by letting George Galloway act the big man because he's purchased 5 season tickets and might sponsor the club in some shape or form.

I thought it was due to his son being on trial? 

Surely he's not pumping sponsor money into the club to get his son signed? 

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20 minutes ago, Stu said:

That looks like it applies to the amber zone. Different people are allowed into the red and green zones and the stand will be in the latter category.

Would doubt invited guests or potential sponsors (and their families!) are allowed in the green zone though.

No, the stand is in the amber zone. The green zone is the stadium surrounds. Link to the full guidance from SFA below.


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