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Tbf, for a time travel show, Dr Who has very rarely bothered with alternative realities. I can only really think of the brilliant (if you don't think about it too much) "Inferno". I'd be up for more.

Especially if it involves the Meddling Monk somehow, I've been hoping he (or she) would come back since they revived the programme. Would probably have to change the name if he changed gender. Naughty Nun?

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6 minutes ago, kennie makevin said:

For a certain vintage Bernard Cribbens will always be associated with Jackanory. Then Wombles, then 'Right Said Fred'  


And for those now trying to imagine him singing "I'm too sexy for my shirt", this is what kennie means:


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At the request of my son, we watched the first episode of Doctor Who tonight. I mean, the 1963 pilot. 

Plot: two teachers take an unnatural and unhealthy interest in a 15 year old girl and follow her home. Lots of hiding out in a junk yard before they randomly attack an old man who shows up . Then the man (the girl's grandfather) kidnaps them. 

Interesting in its own way. The Doctor does not show up until about 15 minutes in. 

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We finished An Unearthly Child. Overall it was pretty poor. 

Most episodes were about cavemen arguing. 

"I make fire. I am leader" 

"No, I make fire. I am leader". 

Then we watched The Dead Planet, first of a 7 part introduction to the Daleks. Night and day. Really well written, tense, funny, and very, very slowly building suspense. 

Our trip to the 60s is playing out well. 

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Finished The Daleks 7 parter. It was great. Better than many recent episodes. 

The star is Chesterton. He is 'The Man Who Takes Charge' . Susan is the cheeky wee scamp. Barbara's job is to scream hysterically and cry at any old thing, allowing Chesterton to comfort her. The Doctor is very much a doddery old man. Always knackered, barely able to run, he really takes a back seat. Again, in total contrast to the new shows. 

But with the daleks, I am looking forward to finding out what happens to the thals. They haven't been in the new shows. This story is about how they share Skaro. 

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