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Horrific club photos

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Aye. Without fail, every time I'm in Liquid at least one of the toilets are taped up due to some horror show having taken place inside.

Fat Sams is the worst but, at least in Liquid it is bright enough to see the proper munters and take action. Fat Sams is darker than Lee Wilkie's soul.

Minds me aboot a time when I went for a pish in Kitty's (Kirkcaldy). The trough was packed and ma back teeth were swimmin, so I went to use the cubicle. Some dirty b****** had shat on the cistern, floor and seat, skittered up the wall, over the bog roll and down the front of the pan! I doubt he actually managed to get one in the pan, not even a slider! Now, have you ever boaked when you're burstin for a pish? Luckily for me, two blokes had just finished pishin in the trough!

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