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Annoying things people write on Facebook


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She is back with a new poem

I feel so sad after reading in the obituary column of a newspaper,
that a lady has passed away.
In my search for another lady, I had the pleasure to share only a short brief time with this beautiful soul.
I have written this in memory of her and send my deepest condolences to her family.
She made such an impact on me that day and it was an honour to have met her.
RIP dear lady.

I went in search of someone else
And thought that she was you
I popped in for a visit
To see what I could do.
To remind you of the times we shared
On the bus so long ago
You didn’t seem to remember
It came as such a blow.
To be told, you were not who I thought
Left me with a heavy heart
You were so lovely, a beautiful soul
It tore me apart.
Still I wonder where she is
The little old lady who
Was always there for a blether
Elizabeth a friend so true.
But now I feel so very sad
For the little old lady there
Who’s passed away, no more in pain
Into God’s heavenly care.
Rest peaceful dear sweet lady
I met you only brief
And even though it was so short
I share your family’s grief
And if my friend is with you
Up in that heavenly place
I pray you both have found true peace
With Gods great goodness and grace.
Lorna Johnston
October 19th, 2017.

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5 hours ago, Estragon said:

What's a KD? Klingon Dagger?

It’s short for KD Lang - it means a long knife. Alternatively it’s rhyming slang for fang, youth gang or sharpened boomerang.*


*All of those explanations are completely made up but very plausible imo.

Edited by The OP
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