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The Falkirk FC Thread

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17 hours ago, Back Post Misses said:

I see a lot of these deals as laziness. Let someone else do it and we will take a return, but a lot lower return than if we put in some effort and did it ourselves. 

I'm sure your pals on the board won't take too kindly to you saying their effort is lacking.

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1 hour ago, Duncan Freemason said:

... stats of W3 D2 L2 giving us 11 points from a possible 21 isn’t great

Over 50% (52.38) isn't great. God help us when we do hit a really rocky patch. 

I concede we were poor and the tail end of Alloa and result for Kelty must be the warning that we need to be "on-it" from first to last whistle, as if that should be needed to be said.

However, painting Saturday as "normal service resumed" does a disservice to what's been achieved from where we were.

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3 hours ago, HopeStreetWalker said:

It's the reality of where we are in the scheme of things. In the hunt for the play off's but teams now have a handle on how to play us and we don't have the squad quality to mix things up.

Did you not watch the second half on Saturday?

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On 23/10/2022 at 20:29, Higgenarse said:

Scottish cup draw on Monday at 4pm. Who do we fancy? A trip into the unknown or straightforward one at home. I fancy Wick away

Be careful what you wish for. . . . . .

You get to Inverness and you've still got 100 miles and 2 hours to go.



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39 minutes ago, superandy_07 said:

Wick Academy away, whit a draw!

I went to Golspie in January as the womens team were drawn to play there in the Scottish Cup. That was a fourteen hour trip up and back in a day, albeit with food stops in Inverness on both legs. 

Wick is an hour beyond Golspie so this one could be around sixteen hours. FFS. 

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I'm planning to make a weekend of it. 

Drive up to Inverness Friday stay the night

Inverness up to Wick for the game and back to Inverness Saturday.  According to Google its 2h 15m drive from Inverness.  

The Mrs can go Christmas shopping in Inverness Saturday. I could of course make her suffer and take her to the game.  Capacity 2,400 according to t'internet.    


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