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The Falkirk FC Thread

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I pay £10 a month to the FSS and I probably could afford to pay more but now is not the right time. In the same way that I have said to my wife,  no way am I booking a holiday for next year until I gauge how this current UK financial cluster f**k develops, then I won’t be committing money out elsewhere. Things are just too risky at the moment, I’m in a privileged position and I know for some the choice is way more stark, heating the house or feeding the family. Badly worded statement that isn’t taking account of the financial plight many fans find themselves facing. 

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24 minutes ago, ShaggerG said:

Strikes me as a bit of a 'last throw of the dice' statement. They've tried encouraging and cajoling and have decided to try desperation.

This, imo. Some supporters won’t like the cold hard facts that more investment, including from a large number of our big support (which is not reflected in FSS numbers), is desperately needed. The board have tried to be nice but this really does strike me as a final throw of the dice statement 

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