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The Falkirk FC Thread

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What a performance that was. Total domination and even better than Saturday imo. Again the only negative being we’re not 3 or 4 up as no danger they’re that bad in the second half.

Burrell has finished where he left off on Saturday and the Thistle defenders can’t live with him. Not a chance he’s here next year btw. Baller. But everyone has played well so far.

I could very easily watch Stephen McGinn play 10 yard passes all day long [emoji7].

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Certainly a weak PT side, and at times, it looked like a game being played at 80% intensity.

Still, no let downs, and the side applying itself to the job in hand came away with a pretty comfortable win.

Need a good few wins like that in the league. Cup wins like this are good, league wins that see us miles away from 6th are much better. Roll on the Clyde game.

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I know it’s a position that he’s barely played in if at all during his career but Gary Oliver is brilliant in the middle of the park. Keeps the ball very well, times his runs forward and intelligent enough to slot in and cover wherever the gaps are. More than deserved his goal tonight. His goal btw is another reason why Leon McCann Mayr stay in the team that late run and cross into the box was class.

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