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The Falkirk FC Thread

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All on McGlynn this so far. Madness changing an in form McCann to RB to accommodate Henderson. Expecting some changes at half time.
Aye. McGuffie and Nesbitt off for me. They're not up to this. Lawal and Burrell on. Yeats to RB, McCann to LB and either take Mackie off for Carroll or push him or Henderson up beside McGinn.
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Dreadful from us. Mcglynn will rightly take a good share of the blame- it was crazy totally changing the team when we’ve been on a good run. Putting McCann at right back is a decision on par with something Sheerin or Rennie would’ve done.

However, the players have also got to take responsibility. Mcguffie, Morrison and especially Nesbitt were back to their usual nonsense. Hogarth has cost us 2 goals in a week. Mackie offers nothing going forward. Lawal and Burrell also offered very little when they came on.

Today was a wake up call for me- a few getting a bit carried away after our recent results.

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McGlynn certainly at fault for this one.  Trying to shoehorn Henderson into a settled team has been a disaster.

Why change  ?

I hope its a blip and he has learned for next week. If he picks the same team again, we are in for another see-saw season.

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