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The Falkirk FC Thread

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4 minutes ago, Duncan Freemason said:

Zero conviction in that shot from Morrison. More like a strong pass back. Didn’t like that Alegria laid the ball off to Morrison, then just stopped.

Probably knew he wasn’t getting it back

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Morrison doing Morrison things yet again, brilliant build up then a shocking final shot. Alegria's held the ball in well and brought others in to play but he doesn't look like scoring.
He had a weird period in the middle of the half where he suddenly stopped winning the ball and his defender just seemed to leave him behind. Needs to remember to go towards the ball sometimes. But aye, his hold up has been decent.

Morrison must have had 4 on target? Keeper has hardly has to move for any of them. All just woefully tame efforts.
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We’ve been the better team IMO. Unlucky with the goal, what are the chances of that ball deflecting right to the path of their striker 1 in 100. Morrison has been terrible, so greedy and his decision making is awful again. McGuffie has been our best player. Comical for the ref not to add any extra time on btw.

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Nesbitt with a decent chance at the end too and he sclafs it off the first defender. An incredibly flukey goal from Airdrie too with a massive deflection taking it into the path of Gallagher to tap home from 5 yards.

Hopefully Burrell and Lawal show something when they come on in the second half.

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