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The Falkirk FC Thread

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Would be reasonably encouraged by that.  For the first 70 mins was a  pretty even game, and you could even argue that Falkirk played the better football.  Killie absolutely dominated the 20 mins when the relative squad strength really shine through.  By the time they scored their fourth it looked like we had our youth team out there.  

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First game of preseason and a fair few injuries so I'll try not to be too harsh. 

Young trialist who started the game in the middle of the park was tidy on the ball and got on it quite a lot but he never once looked interested in making a tackle, just jockeyed his opponent until they popped the ball off.

Mackie was impressive, played out of position at centre back but he was so composed on the ball, actually wouldn't mind seeing him in the middle of the park as he always looked to play rather than hoofing it up the park.

Oliver wasn't up to much but it was a difficult night playing upfront on his own for the first half and the trialist striker that came on in the second half was absolutely brutal, which is frustrating when you've got the local lad Malcolm on the bench would have preferred to see him.

It was never a 4-1 game but we created he haw aside from a few corners.

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2 minutes ago, Squirrelhumper said:

Decent away support?

Decent? Punters from Ayrshire? Hardly! 

But not too shabby in terms of numbers I thought, given it's a Friday night and the trains being patchy at best to get back there. 

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I’d say that was very encouraging but of course it’s early days. First 75 minutes it was a decent competitive game and whilst I’ve no doubt Lillie could’ve upped the levels if needed it was very even. Then we both started making changes and that’s when we started getting dominated. The fact that we played the last 10 minutes with Leon McCann and Sean Mackie as our centre half partnership just tells you all you need to know about our lack of available depth.

Brad McKay and Steven Hetherington both put in probably their best performances since joining, trialist #14 looked very tidy and is definitely worth another look and Sean Mackie was our best player imo. Thought Gary Oliver had a really good game as well didn’t have a sniff of goal really but led the line well, good link up play and was pinning Ash Taylor well. None of the subs looked up to much, the wee #21 tried so fair play to him but he’s absolutely tiny. The trialist striker #9 is utterly brutal though. Looked like he’d never played football before.

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