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The Falkirk FC Thread

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Just now, Bairnardo said:

Despite repeated warnings in very recent history, i'm still just an absolute sucker for the pen/eyes tweet. 



Hartley's summer with signings nearly every day was class for that very reason... until we saw them play.

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1 hour ago, Chinatoon Bairn said:

You’re defo behind one of they new pages that have popped up on twitter that replies “sign someone ✍️📄” aren’t ye?

Think he's the one that told Airdrie he would 'liquadate' them

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1 hour ago, Braes_Bairn said:

No agenda from me. Just because I don’t lap up everything the club announce does not mean I have an agenda, trust has to be earned and as I’ve said before while they did inherit a mess they have not done that yet.

There is a difference in not lapping things up and being critical of a decision that the club has explained why they moved. As I said by all means be critical if it is a mess. 

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On 26/04/2022 at 11:16, Marshmallo said:

I'd have PJ Morrison back next year.


4 hours ago, Marshmallo said:

Saying you "like" a player with no prior reference to them anywhere from anyone else is the new leak of the last 6 months btw 👀


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17 minutes ago, Dawson Park Boy said:

Thought Morrison was okay but was he the guy who had a bit of a nightmare against Rangers?

Could we’ll be wrong

You're not seriously going to judge a League One player for his performance against the Old Firm, are you?

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