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The Falkirk FC Thread

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Feel for Nesbitt but you could see for weeks that he was going to end up being dropped. 

I do like him but he’s got no end product very poor return of goals and assists so far this season and you can see his performances have been dragged down to that of the rest of the squad recently.
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1 minute ago, Reggie Perrin said:

Take it Nesbit and Keena not fully fit.

I can’t see Dowds being brought back to sit on the bench tbh. He’ll rightly start ahead of Keena for me.

Miller talked about hie good a player Telfer further is and wanting him further forward so Nesbitt might have been dropped to accommodate this

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14 minutes ago, Rob1885 said:

Please dont sign that Clyde forward. Dowds will get you the goals you need.

This 1000%.

If Anton says "GIRFUY Holt" in his post-match interview he'll get immediate cult hero status from me. Failing that, a "how many goals have I scored?" will suffice.

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