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The Falkirk FC Thread

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1 minute ago, Rugster said:

This is fucking scandalous. I get we’re in transition in the boardroom and probably can’t sack him tonight but if the twat had anything about him at all he would resign and save the trouble. 

Let’s be honest, would you resign when you can get to do gardening for the rest of your contract?


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5 minutes ago, 18BAIRN76 said:

Falkirk TV post-match interview: Well, Paul, first and foremost. I thought - with all due respect to Queens Park - we were a little hard done by today. What's your thoughts on today's game?

'Paul, it's always tough coming to places like this.. but after the 5th goal went in, I thought we were unlucky not to get a consolation'

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Do we have a large support at Firhill? I can only imagine some tasty scenes at the end

There’s nae c**t left. I tried to stay but chucked it after the 5th. Be lucky if there’s 100 left by full time.

Worst performance I’ve ever seen.
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