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The Falkirk FC Thread

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At what point in recent history, did things switch from reasonable exchange of views on a forum, to deliberately making an absolute c**t of yourself on a forum to wind people up?  It’s that Brexity thing - I’ve made you angry so I win, despite the fact we all lose.

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Just now, Bigbri Bairn said:

we are bad and looking at the bench gives me the fear. Wonder if the players can produce more under a new manager or are they all really that bad?

Bit of both. They're terrible but given that we don't have an actual manager,  you'd assume someone barely competent could get 10 more points a season from them. 

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42 minutes ago, Biggestbairn said:

Come back and mock me in May, if Holt & Sheerin aren’t standing on the top deck of the bus with the league trophy. 

The new man on the board has plenty of open top buses. 

It’s a tight league - a good window in January will see us canter to the top. QP are already faltering, Cove will be next. 

I do hope we continue to falter!

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3 minutes ago, Newbornbairn said:

Has a FT team ever been relegated from the Third Division? Because this shower of shite are capable of doing it.

Some positivity wouldn’t go amiss. 

Despite the score, we are still only 7 points off top and 6 ahead of the relegation play-off. 

As George would say, we need to support our team and encourage them to perform. 

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If Holt and Sheerin aren't gone by midday on Tuesday following this AGM then I'm done.

That was the most spineless, half arsed attempt at football I have seen from a professional team. The players aren't interested and are just fucking dreadful. McDaid, Hall and Ruth being the worst.

If the new investors don't deliver change immediately then there is no fucking point.


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