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The Falkirk FC Thread

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1 hour ago, Senor Bairn said:

Was just about to type out a similar post before I seen you made it. Falkirks version of the Brentford Model was to sign guys from down south who were plying their trade in the lower leagues or reserve squads of Prem/Champ teams. This may have worked had the club actually put in together a scouting network. But we didn't, H*rtley signed guys he hadn't even watched before 😂. Which is why we ended up with guys who looked like they hadn't kicked a ball before.


Let's say in a hypothetical world, H*rtleys lot didn't start off in a complete disaster and we finished mid table that year, do you think we'd still be trying to implement that model? 

I'm doubtful the model would have worked longer term, even if we had fluked a successful season, for a few reasons.

We lack the initial advantages that Brentford had when they implemented it.  They were lucky in the sense that they were bought by a guy who had a well established football data and statistics business.  They could hit the ground running so to speak and clubs at their level in 2012 (League 1) would have had nothing to match that.  To build it from scratch internally would take a whole lot of time and money, plus I'd imagine it's easier to find people with the necessary skills to create such a platform in London than Falkirk.  I'd imagine there's quite a few third parties that offer these sort of services to football clubs - but their expertise is probably more relevant to a higher level of club than Falkirk.

Also, at the levels we'd be looking for players, I'm not sure it'd be easy to get the level of data needed for it to really work.  There's just not as many cameras filming non-league, reserve matches etc.

Our take on the Brentford model just seemed to rely on the old-school scouting network and watching a player a couple of times.  You might get lucky for a bit, but if it turns out we had by some fluke found a 'superscout' it wouldn't be that long before they were headhunted themself.  And then you're back to square one.  

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Just now, Shadwell Dog said:

I think it's also more suitable a system  down south though where if you can kick the ball forwards your automatically worth about ten million quid these days. 

Have you watched a Brentford game in the last five years?

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3 hours ago, Proudtobeabairn said:

I agree with the sentiment here but I think the reality will be quite a low turnout if we organise a game against Hibs or Chelsea B (or C) teams.  

If we're going to honour Crunchie by playing a game with the current squad then better to do it at a league game and try to add a few 00s onto the gate then do the official opening at half time.  A bit like a more official 'Latapy Day'

If going down the route of a separate game then maybe a legends match would be more appealing for folk to come and watch.  Falkirk legends v a Hibs & Chelsea legends select for example.  A bit like the Andy Nicol game where there are some really big names (albeit we'd only get older guys now).  People would turn out I'm sure to see some of the best names we had playing with Crunchie v a team of folk like Pat Nevin, Steve Clarke etc.  

Great this initiative is finally happening though - well deserved recognition for the wee man.  

I see what you’re saying but we’ll just keep plugging it like mad when the club get a friendly arranged. Won’t necessarily be just about the game itself but everything surrounding it. Get some pre match and half time entertainment, bring back as many ex team mates as we can hold functions before and after, just make a great day of it for everyone to enjoy and mostly Crunchie himself. 

Deserves to stand alone and if everyone here helps in spreading the word and getting as many folk along as possible then hopefully get a decent attendance. If we do that then will make the club a good few bob too!

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1 minute ago, Marshmallo said:

Have you watched a Brentford game in the last five years?

I watched the game last night.  They're an excellent side these days. Ivan Toney is a cracking player but when Brentford bought him he'd only ever played at league one level and yet they paid 10 million quid for him. He's probably worth about 30 now even though he's only played one top flight game. The transfer market down south is crazy . I mean your very limited here on how much you are going to get for players even if they are ripping up the championship or league one.  100k if you're very lucky no matter how good they are whilst jobbers down south are moving about for millions.

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6 minutes ago, GeordieBairn said:

Nervous wreck towards the end, thought Hall and Lemon were brilliant defensively. Gary Miller is utterly hopeless. Thought Leon McCann struggled he was getting caught out by the same diagonal all game. Superb goal by Keena. 

Agree with everything apart from Leon McCann. Thought he done well. 

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