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The Falkirk FC Thread

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2 hours ago, TxRover said:

Duku already signed for ICT, Ugwu is reported signed (that I’ve seen) and was the better player of the two, in my opinion. Started the season injuries and never got a nice clean run, but a good physical presence up front and showed enough that I wouldn’t have minded re-signing him. He’s also a much better team player, as Duku was reportedly a disruptive presence.

I was just going by the Raith website

Strikers Gozie Ugwu & Manny Duku have been advised that they will not be offered terms for next season. Gozie joined the Rovers last August and made 21 appearances, scoring 5 goals. Manny Duku also joined the Rovers last August and made 33 appearances scoring 14 goals. We thank both players for their service over the last 9 months (with both frontmen scoring goals in vital matches last season) and wish them every success in their respective careers.

I hadn't realised that duku had signed for ICT . Who has ugwu signed for?



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51 minutes ago, Bairney The Dinosaur said:
3 hours ago, Craig1876 said:
Hi, I was one of the 11 and trust me, this was about helping to drive the football club forward. We were absolutely committed to working with The Rawlins, but with an investment of this size and I strongly believe we would have got more people on board (including a fans initiative), there had to be change. I would ask anyone who was looking to put in an investment of circa £550k plus, would you want a major say in the running of the club? I think we all know the answer. Now, if I had the good of OUR football club at heart and was a Board member and this offer came along, I would have opened the Boardroom door, welcomed the group inside and wished them the very best of luck as I passed them on the way out. What Mr Colborn said on Thursday that it wasn’t in the Director’s remit (or words to that effect), doesn’t wash, an EGM could have been called and it would have flown through. This is every Falkirk supporters club and a big part of our town and community also. From the family buying their season tickets and strips and the people who can afford to buy shares etc it is everyone’s club as an equal. The Directors are there for the good of the club and have to ensure that they park their personalities and do the right thing. I sincerely hope that better times are just around the corner as we are in intensive care and need to get back on our feet and quickly. I for one wish Phil Rawlins the very best of luck. 

CC52 back from the grave.


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3 hours ago, HonestAl said:

Navy Blue group? I’m very wary tbh.

I mean, I wouldn’t invest £50k, say, to place others on the board and have no say in running the club. 
Would anyone?

Yes. Nine of the eleven would. You do realise there are more people with 50k invested who aren’t on the Board…..

I would hope you’d be just as wary (if not more so ) of The Board you saw in action in the Q & A? You, know, that Board that took us to 5th in League 3. I know I would be wary of a Board that apart from the Rawlins was in its entirety, selected by Gary Deans.

Wouldnt you? I suppose their rigorous checks, balances, KPIs and milestones will do the trick. It just might be a good thing for Rawlins to get over soon. He seems to know what he is about (unlike the crew on this side of the pond).

I exclude Paul Sheerin from the crew btw, but Mr Holt is certainly part of it.

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2 minutes ago, bairn88 said:

That’ll be Jamie Wilson getting a contract then. Sigh. 

Jaime* put some respect on Falkirk's new number 9's name.

Not even a mention of the line ups, disappointed.

Edited by FFC 1876
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1 minute ago, Long Suffering Bairn said:

Trialist A scored as many goals in 36 minutes than Dowds and Keena scored last season combined. Just saying.

Akeel Francis scored goals in a friendly last season. Just saying.

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