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The Falkirk FC Thread

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3 hours ago, Peter LaFleur said:

The most pleasing aspect of the Grainger appointment, if true, is that he’s obviously Sheerin’s man rather than some Holt yes man like the weasel Brooks.

Agree with that. Interesting that the guy who was an Aberdeen catch all Coach is now our Head Coach, and the guy who was the Workington Reds manager is now our Assistant Coach(?).

So, it should be a slightly more complex set up with Sheerin and Grainger (hopefully on the way up and with their own ideas) in tandem with Holt. That’s going to be an interesting relationship, and perhaps the first indicator that Sheerin has given the “corporate” interview, but now is going to go about doing things his way.

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Guest Peter LaFleur
8 minutes ago, FalkirkLad said:

Welcome Leon McCann x 

Would be our best signing so far, can’t see it happening though.

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Sean Kelly is the epitome of ‘meh’. He’s not very good but also not completely shite. Can’t think of anything he’s particularly good or bad at either.

Definitely better left backs out there.

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They'll both get better moves than Falkirk.
Mebude showed quality in large spells. Dickson is dugshite and a troublemaker into the bargain. I'd be more surprised if he rocked up at a level higher than League 1.
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