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The Falkirk FC Thread

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1 minute ago, AL-FFC said:

In any case wheres the source for this ? other than some random pipe up and say we are charging kids a tenner for a trial ?

Exactly. They must be advertising this somewhere so shouldn't be that difficult to find evidence surely?

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33 minutes ago, Ranaldo Bairn said:

He's just signed for Arbroath, hasn't he?

He was only on loan there for the rest of the season due to the lowland league not starting back up again. Got 1 goal and 2 assists in 6 games. Which for a side fighting for relegation is good going.

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2 minutes ago, Ecosse83 said:

I’ve been told on the grapevine Rice would jump at the chance of managing us! 

Personally not convinced but I’d rather have him than some of the names banded about 

I don't think anybody would doubt that. I personally would like Rice as manager. Has a reputation of defending his players to the hilt and promoting youngsters. Somebody like him would be a boost to any re-build of academy.

In fact, if Rice got the punt from Hamilton I think he'd be a good choice to head up a youth set up. All hypothetical now of course.

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3 hours ago, Dawson Park Boy said:

If GD can give all this information to a poster on here, why can’t the Club share all this with the fans at large?

Seems odd.

Fans crave information.

Have also heard that a group of local businessmen having been speaking to the Board about taking a stake.

I've heard that too. Hopefully get some good news this week. God we badly need it. Hopefully the end for deans and his blazer boys.

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1 hour ago, AL-FFC said:

Again wheres your source for this if it is happening ? 

I don't have a source for it, I never made the claim in the first instance.  I know it is isn't good forum etiquette to quote your own posts but never mind (emphasis mine)


5 hours ago, strichener said:

It's pretty tin-pot if trueDown there with Stirling Albion who did something similar as part of their "So you think you're good enough?" initiative.

Regardless of the original post's veracity, it's pretty easy to condemn it rather than try to justify it though.

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32 minutes ago, Bairney The Dinosaur said:

I'm sure when the Rawlins do come over they will be really pleased to see their chairman spouting off in some random meeting.

Oh well, it’s nice to see he’s prepared to talk to someone. Would imagine the conversation would have been cleared by the BoD first though. Wouldn’t imagine he’d be wanting to cross any red lines.

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