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The Falkirk FC Thread

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31 minutes ago, Monkey socks said:

It's not the longevity of the joke it's the relevance.

man walks into a pub with his dog just as the football results were coming on the TV. Announcer says Falkirk lost 3-0 to which the dog lies on its back with 4 legs in the air. " that's great" says the barman, " what does he do when they win?" 

" Don't know " says the man " I've only had him 4 months"




 I've no problem with folk taking the piss but at least make it fresh and original instead of some recycled shite from years ago. Patter has been very disappointing I've got to say. Expected far better on here.

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59 minutes ago, jagfox BLM said:

Hearing that Richard Branson was considering sponsoring Falkirk.
Apparently, he pulled out because he didn't feel it was right to have 'Virgin' written across the shirt of a team that gets fucked every Saturday...

Need to try harder.

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I urge everyone to apply for a refund on their season tickets for the home games not played. Money is the only language the BOD understand.
I dont have one so cant really say too much one way or the other, except to say I normally wouldnt dream of doing that, but this season would be writing to them asking for it
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