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The Falkirk FC Thread

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But will be one of the best midfielders Scotland has ever seen ...seriously he has it all

Not sure I'd go that far but I think he's got the potential to be a full international and could play in the top flight in England/Spain/Germany/Italy etc.

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Liam Rowan. But we have Vaulks that can play there as well as Flynn.

There is a difference between being put there and can play there.

Vaulks couldn't cross a ball to save his life on Saturday and we weakened our Central defence moving him there.

I love Vaulks at CB.

He gave me facepalm moments at RB

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When was the last time we scored from a Kieran Duffie cross?

As far as I can find it was 27th August in the League Cup against Dunfermline. Although it seems to have been scored by a Dunfermline defender :lol:

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actually thought duffie had been improving up until he got injured...not quite back to his old self but definitely better

I'd agree. Duffie's contract is finishing in the summer and has already made it clear he wants to leave. Can't blame him as he has went very stale over the past year.

I believe we would have only offered him a contract so we can receive compensation from whoever he moves to.

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