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The Falkirk FC Thread

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Really decent first half performance and think the draw is the least we deserve so far. Telfer and Connolly absolutely running the show for us in midfield, it’s quite something seeing a Falkirk midfield capable of playing quick short passes a to get us up the field rather than long aimless hoofs. Was some brutal defending for their goal leaving McCowan totally free down the right and tbf to him took the goal really well. That’s pretty much the only time Bell has been involved. Whilst we’ve had plenty of the ball in dangerous areas our final ball particularly crossing has been poor and we’ve not tested Doohan enough. Some goal from McManus still no sure if it was a cross or shot but obviously great to see it go in felt sorry for him so far he’s had really no service up to him.

Finally no idea how Moffat is still on the park should’ve been sent off for a shocker on Telfer. He picked up the ball pretty much on our byeline held off one player, megged another took it past another and when he got inside Ayrs half Moffat just scathed him down from behind. No intention to play the ball and some weak refereeing to only book him.

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Nae idea why he sent Durnan off there. Happened right in front of me and nothing in it bit of a coming together between him and the ‘keeper but you either book both or do nothing. Fucking terrible refereeing.

Was a fucking great run all the way from Durnan tae.

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Just now, spud131 said:

Missed a penalty?

Got fouled, scored the goal anyway, got the penalty instead of a goal. One of the Ayr pushes Buchanan with both hands, 10x what Durnan did, yellows for both. Missed the pen. Hilarious

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