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The Falkirk FC Thread

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10 minutes ago, Bairnardo said:

This place is undeniably at it's best in times like these, however, being on here "as it happened" when we get to respond to Morton fans goading us about ending up with Duffy, by unexpectedly taking their current manager off them is indeed peak P&B. 

Once again, the club have bantered it clean out the park.

This year's Sparklingbrook moment

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When local press start reporting it you know it's true.
Morton's board have a serious amount of explaining to do. Obviously Falkirk offer a larger wage, larger budget and more long term potential, but all of those things apply to an even greater extent for Ian McCall; is that all there is to it?

Not crowing now ya smug f**k
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To be perfectly honest, I thought McKinnon was dug meat at Utd. But willing to see what he can bring. It genuinely can’t be any worse than what’s been on offer so far. The only way we can go is higher than we were performance wise. 

With a bit of luck and hard work on his part I’m sure he can get at least some guys putting a shift in for him. Would like to see us binning anyone who isn’t up to scratch once he’s got his feet under the table and can assess things properly. I’m sure that some could be offloaded by mutual consent if they simply aren’t going to fit. 

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Just now, Bairnardo said:

Still thrashing away then


You can't escape that fact. The Falkirk support themselves have been saying they're players are gash.  You have to hope McKinnon can keep you away from the bottom of the league till the transfer window opens again. Of course it could be too late by then...

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