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Have these just come back into fashion or something? There's folk talking about them everywhere! I'm actually half tempted to get one myself now.

I got one in Asda for £7! Used it more when I was working full time but it is handy.

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I got one in Asda for £7! Used it more when I was working full time but it is handy.

I'm thinking it'll be useful for college and I can take soups and stuff in a flask with me if I leave them cooking overnight or something. I saw a 6.5L one on sale on the Argos site that looked ok, but far too big, so I might have to have a look at Asda at that price!

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Thinking of buying one but dont know if it I would use it much.

Anyone got one,whats it like and whats your favourite dish you cook in it ?

I got one about 2 years ago. Fucking great buy.

Use it most Sundays especially in Summer.

Out in the garden all day and come into a stew/caserole etc with little effort.

And they make the house smell great all day :D

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We've had one for ages - think it cost about 11 quid.

Used it frequently when we first got it. Couldn't tell you the last time I used it tbh. Although then I was working 3 or 4 nights a week and would put dinner in the the slow cooker before I went to bed so that it was ready when I woke up. Used to make chilli and curry in it. Matt's right though the house does smell braw when it's on.

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We got one as a wedding present and it's fantastic. :D I use it every few days.

Pork chops in cider is very easy and is one of my favourite recipes:

Pork chops (whole, or chopped if you want more of a cassorole look)

large onion

2 apples (I use normal non cooking ones, but cooking apples are fine too)

bottle of cider

some double cream (about half a small pot)

salt and pepper to season

Using slow cooker - chuck all the ingredients in (onions chopped and apple peeled and chopped) and make sure cider covers all ingredients then put on and leave. Just before serving stir in the cream. Done!

I put mine on the lowest setting in the morning and we eat at about 6:00pm but it can be done for longer or shorter amount of time (low setting about 8 hrs, high setting about 4 hrs). If you need to thicken it up a bit, I put a bit of cornflour in.

If in a conventional oven, do the same as above but it will only take an hour or so and may not be quite as tender but still very good!

And if you're being healthy, leave out the cream - it's still yummy (but not quite as good)!

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I was at my grans and we were watching bid up TV or something like that.

Gran - I use this quite a lot. This is a no bad price but I've already got one.

Me - It would be cool to see your name appear at the bottom of the screen.

2 minutes later my grans name was at the bottom of the screen and a slow cooker was on it's way. :lol:

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