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QMU Covid policy: Fine, and at least matched the passport to a person's ID which makes more sense than not doing it

WWPJ: Fantastic, although Andy looked a bit miserable all night

Crowd: Fucking horrific. When the same guy with face tattoos crowd surfs and falls on top of you four times it loses it charm a bit

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Was at the AO Arena for Human League on Friday supported by Altered Images and Thompson Twins.

First vist back there for me since the bombing and security was a bit more thorough than before as you can imagine. 

This caused us to be too late for Claire Grogan though she was belting out Happy Birthday as we got a drink at the bar.

Tom Bailey's Thompson Twins were on next for 40 mins doing a few of their hits including You Take Me Up, Doctor Doctor, Hold Me Now and Love On Your Side.

Human League were on for around 90 mins and were brilliant.

I'm more of an eclectic Prog Rock, Bowie,  Motown taste and 80s electro pop wasn't really my thing back then but this was the 40th anniversary of the Dare album which they did in full on top of a lot of other hits and they didn't disappoint.

Every song belted out by the middle aged crowd loving the nostalgia and its definitely my thing now.

This was the playlist.


The encore.


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Skids/Big Country gig at Glen Pavilion Dunfermline off now.
But knowing my luck I bet the Carol Singers at The Fire Station that my Mrs got us tickets for on Sunday still goes ahead!
I also have to endure The Strictly final on Saturday night now, unless I go out and support the hospitality sector for a few hours!

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Going to Idles who play three nights in Manchester next weekend and I had plumped for the first night (Friday 28th). Now see Porridge Radio are playing Blackpool on the same night and want to see them, could have chosen any other Idles night and caught both, GAH! 

Solution....I am now heading to Wrexham on the Saturday night to see Porridge Radio there instead. Wrexham at home in the Conference that afternoon so might as well make a day of it! 

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The selecter at the usher Hall last night. On top form as usual.  They were supporting "from the jam", who we ended up missing as the wife wasn't well. We were on the guest list, so no money lost. 




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IDLES in Manchester last night, good support slots from Jehnny Beth and Big Joanie too. Was supposed to see Porridge Radio tonight but they've been hit by a dose of the covid so resting my battered IDLES crowd body insteadPXL_20220128_220019377.thumb.jpg.e90f3153d9eb345576edc6bb740df303.jpg

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