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James Yorkston @ St Giles in the Fields Church :huh: London

Acoustic suppport from Malcolm Middleton

Edit - at some point in December

Saw James Yorkston at Connect last year, he was surprisingly good. Bought the new album the other week, it sounded good although I fell asleep to it. :D

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I fancy a bit of that ! :)

Otherwise :

Funeral For A Friend 16th October Ironworks, Inverness

Blood Red Shoes 18th October Drummonds, Aberdeen

Might go and see Guillemots at Eden Court in November too....

Blood Red Shoes is looking a definite for me now, unlike the Ronelles on the 10/10. They appear to have split :(

Hear Drummonds has now been sold to the guys who own Tunnels?!

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Just a small effort in Glasgow - 4 bands on in the Cathouse on Sunday night, three of them, Komatoze, Siphon Plane and The Revelations, are all mates of mine, so I'll be getting a few beers in starting in the early afternoon, then drunk by the time I'm up there hopefully, but not so much so that I'm blootered and can't appreciate some good quality live metal, then it's back down the road and hopefully a party on our return to Inverlclyde. Shaping up to be a good day. :D

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Next gig Im going to is slipknot, machine head and children of Bodom. Can't wait 3 great bands should be good night, staying in glasgow that night and drinking after the gig so i remember the gig. although If Hellbound do their Dimebag tribute gig in december then it be that, which is always fun with the bands that hopefully be playin. Hellbound are great Dundee metal band.

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Kaiser Chiefs

Edinburgh Corn Exchange (February 26)

Aberdeen AECC Arena (27)

Seriously, you could not pay me to go and watch those c***s.

"What do you want for tea? I want cri-isps" Fucking great lyrics :rolleyes:

Also, "everything is average now a days", ohhhhh the irony!!!

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