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I must apologise, NECR actually stands for North East Commercial Radio. May as well be 'Country Radio' though seeing as that's what they play half the time along with top tunes from the world of Scottish Country Dancing.

I still prefer to call it 'Fit Like FM' though. smile.gif

The curious may listen to the magic here.

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Guest The Phoenix

I woke up cuddling into the 8th hole flag from my local golf club this morning and I now have it sitting at the bottom of my bed and I have become quite attached to it.

I'd have been more impressed if you woken up cuddling the 8th hole.

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On nightshift.... go over to McDonalds for some mozzerella dippers, in the drive thru, clutches snaps. Wont go into gear...... Had to get pushed by 2 McDonalds workers into the car park.

My life is at a new low....:( Thanks and gd night.

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