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3 hours ago, hk blues said:


ETA - the pizza, not the 'customer.'

No, one of the vegetable ones I think.

42 minutes ago, jimbaxters said:

Was he a shopper buying other things or was he homeless/in poverty?

A shopper.

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As someone who has never stayed anywhere west of Dundee in Scotland, I've always been puzzled by the absence of family bakers in that neck of the woods. 

Almost every wee town in the east has at least one place where you can buy a decent morning roll. 

Leven (population 10,000) had three at one time - Deas, Lightbody's and Stuart's. Now just Stuart's. 

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53 minutes ago, scottsdad said:

Today is World Poetry Day.

Not even a Friday FFS

Has that been cut short? 

Have the last lines been severed? 

Because if not I'd have to say,

Worst poem ever. 

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