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BBC Hogmanay much better than usual. The laddie is 21yo and an expert on Chewing the Fat.

The sketch with Taysiders in Space we’ve discovered that he was convinced it was ‘a mug of Royal Game soup and a couple of cans of cider!’ 😂😂😂

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13 minutes ago, Miguel Sanchez said:

I spend every Hogmanay watching Frightened Rabbit videos on youtube. They've got Lewis Capaldi on the telly this year. I think I'm glad I don't know anything about the modern world.


You know you're getting old when you watch the likes of Pointless Celebrities or The Chase Celebrities and don't recognise any of them.

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1 hour ago, scottsdad said:

Went for a pish earlier. Knew it would be special, so timed it. 

1 minute 51 seconds of uninterrupted pishing. Beat that! 

Your wife should leave you more often.   

How is the food in the care home? 😂 

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1 hour ago, Sugar_Army said:

On a similar theme you know it is gonna be a big year when your first dump is a four-flusher aided by the loo brush.

TBH had I been in my own house I would ave probably given up at two and tried gain in the morning. 

How is that possible? What have you digested?

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7 hours ago, Stellaboz said:

How is that possible? What have you digested?

Good question. 

Polish food, most of which I cannot pronounce or stuff that ends in "ski".   A lot of which is veg based and healthy,  unlike my normal Scottish diet.

Not sure if it is a sign of good eating or my body rejecting it en mass.

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One of the friends my wife is staying with had an accident this morning and did some real damage to her knee. They went to A and E. They bandaged the knee and now she has to wait on a slot at a different hospital to get it stitched up. Been waiting 5 hours now on a slot opening, and when it does it is another 30 minute drive to get to it. 

The NHS in England is in a real state. 

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4 minutes ago, scottsdad said:

Now getting stitched. 

7 hour wait for stitches. 

I called 111 the week before xmas, the day after getting released after my heart op, as I had been warned within an inch of my life by the nurses to get in touch about anything unusual, no matter how small. 

After waiting nearly 2 hours in queue, they were quite thorough (& and ruled out a stroke), and ended up advising me to go to A&E to be checked. This was at 11pm, and the symptom I had been feeling was long gone. 

I went straight up, and by 2.30am, I had only seen 1 person actually being shouted out of the waiting room by a Dr. I went back to the front desk and told them that as I was feeling ok, I was just going home. She replied "probably the right thing, you would've been here well into tomorrow morning, the way things are today".

It's not just NHS England that has its' challenges. 

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