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On 04/12/2022 at 09:16, BFTD said:

I've heard a few folk (including my mother) say that they've wrapped up seemingly dead rodents to keep them warm, then carried them around for a few hours and they gradually reanimated.

My grannie (now deid - karma some may say) reckoned our guinea pig was playing dead so tried to warm it up.  She put it in the oven and in the toaster section at that for a bit longer than was probably good for it.  No reanimation took place.  

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On 04/12/2022 at 15:34, Florentine_Pogen said:

Back in the day, I think Ol' 'Enerey VIII used to enjoy a swan stuffed with a pigeon stuffed with a blackbird stuffed with a wren (or somesuch._)

Don't see that on Masterchef, eh ?

Saw something similar on Heston Blumenthal though. 

And to link it to another part of the thread, Cilla Black was one of the lucky celebrity guests who was fed this monstrosity 


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47 minutes ago, Jacksgranda said:

Wouldn't have happened if the wall was shuttered, reinforced concrete, imo.

That is very true. Its remarkable that the glazing is pretty much ok but the the car managed to smash its way through the blockwork. 

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