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11 minutes ago, Stellaboz said:

Except perhaps Inverkeithing and Arbroath. 

The trend is reversing, The Masonic, Hat and Ribbon, Volunteers have closed in the last 3 years, leaving just 4 pubs left, The Central looked the most likely to go tits up but is open for now.

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4 hours ago, Sergeant Wilson said:

During my research on behalf of His Majesty the King. I witnessed this scene. The owners might regret calling it Liquor and Burn, in the latest circumstances.


Liquor and Burn? It would probably be better if she put some cream on the infection first.

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On 07/10/2022 at 18:49, GordonD said:

Thanks for all the good wishes, guys. I went into hospital last Wednesday and had the tumour removed from my leg the same morning. Got home today, never any pain but heavily bandaged right leg and left thigh where they took the skin graft. I have to go back on Tuesday to get the bandage changed and the wound inspected. Meanwhile my leg looks as if a shark has taken a bite out of it but the surgeon was really pleased at how it's healing. Don't look at the photo if you're having your tea (particularly if it's a pizza)

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You're a guid c**t, Gordon. Give that shark a good kicking from all of us if you ever see it again.

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"Students from migrant families in Scotland will have the same right to free university tuition as their peers, after a landmark court judgment which legal experts say highlights the positive impact of human rights legislation.

The court of session in Edinburgh found that Iraq-born Ola Jasim, who has lived in Scotland for nine years but missed out on the criteria for free tuition fees by 58 days, had her human rights breached.

The refugee rights group Maryhill Integration Network, which has been campaigning on the issue of access to university education, said it expected the “life-changing” ruling to impact on hundreds of other migrant young people and “open a lot of doors”."

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11 hours ago, The Moonster said:

Feel a bit sorry for the children in the Cundy family. Useless talksport wankstain for a da and a maw parading her squeaky fanny in national magazine. 

Think it's safe to say that the phrases "bucket fanny" and "like opening the window and shagging the night" featured in the divorce discussions.

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