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7 hours ago, Miguel Sanchez said:

Since you can't go anonymous when you win we'll all know it's you. Enjoy P&B turning up at your hoose. 

You'll have to get over the pirhana filled moat first. Then past the dragons. I'm definitely getting dragons.


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39 minutes ago, ICTChris said:

I was driving in Edinburgh yesterday and saw an Audi Q8, I think, with the personalised number plate PH1LPY.

@philpy pimping his ride?

Yep. I occasionally let the butler take it out for a spin.

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1 hour ago, Melanius Mullarkay said:

Dundee having a normal one tonight.


Secondary school has been smashed up and riot police are out, helicopter an all. People being attacked.



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1 hour ago, tamthebam said:


Great Grandad Bam on a day trip about 100 years ago 

McKirdy's of Loanhead were still hiring those buses to the Meadowbank supporters' club in the 1990s...


Are they heading for Ibrox or Parkhead?

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