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23 minutes ago, tamthebam said:

From your sick bed inside?

When Liz needs her tents painted there’s only one man for the job. It also explains why she goes for red carpets. Doesn’t show blood stains.

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Saw what looked like a female today sitting on the pavement just outside the Hilton hotel in the centre of Edinburgh. Thought she was necking a can of beer but on closer look it turned out to be a can of WD40.

Her face honestly looked like this.



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4 hours ago, ICTChris said:

Ryan Giggs seemed to have been charged about five years ago.  When's he going to court?


26 minutes ago, Mr. Alli said:

Very soon, I suspect.

Set for 8th of August apparently.

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Right. Here is a belter. We arrive home after work to find a wee hand-written note from Ups saying package left in garage. 

Package was indeed left in garage. A locked garage. 

Somebody's at the capers. 

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3 hours ago, DiegoDiego said:

The last three times I've gone on holiday I've been sat next to a professional footballer either at the airport or on the flight. Aaron McEneff the lucky lad today.

^ ^  It's Rebekah Vardy!  ^ ^

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I'd never seen or heard of Nardini's and it popped up on my Facebook on Tuesday. I thought "that looks cool as f**k, like Miami".

Drove by it to do work on the College yesterday.

I was wrong. :lol:

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