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Just imagine it as an american style sports movie. Inspiring coach takes motley team to state finals sorta stuff... trouble is you need one immense player (who will get injured before the final game) and a player who has a step-dad who doesn't like him playing football (he will score the winning goal).

You'd need a linesman, like Chuck Norris, playing a role like he does in Dodgeball, wherein he dramatically flags for offside after the "rival" team score to go in front in the 95th minute, thus resulting in a draw and taking the game to extra time :D

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After neurology tests, my mum's medical team are reasonably confident she doesn't have MS. Massive relief as she's been in hospital for months and she's got all sorts of medical problems co-existing with one another, one of which has got quite serious. Down-side is it means they still can't quite pin-down the cause of some of the more recent stuff.

Good news to hear though and it was her birthday yesterday so it will have cheered her up a bit.

Our mums have the same birthday biggrin.gif

Wait a minute ohmy.gif

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Her Grandad was a Jambo and everything...

Sure I heard that if you have 22? people in a room it would be odds on that 2 would have the same birthday...........

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I'm taking my girlfriend to the Scotland game on Saturday. This is a slippery slope.

She will be looking for a dress next,and picking table decorations :(

I've taken my other half to a few Scotland games, albeit only friendlies recently.

The last competitive game I took her to was the 3-1 win against Ukraine, and that night ended up with a lost purse, loads of tears, a sprained wrist and a rather unfortunate flashing incident. And that was just me...

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