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19 hours ago, Rugster said:

BST ends on Sunday which means the clock on our living room wall will be back at the right time again. 

I bought a new car recently and I've been waiting for Sunday ever since so I didn't have to learn how to change the clock. 

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Again?  This happened around 2011 when there was the great Moray Cup stockpiling rush (well my mother (#RIP #flyingwiththeangels) went and cleared the shelves in the local Coop,  only to find a couple of weeks later it was all an elaborate marketing hoax).
My emergency stockpile remains intact.
Spoiler photo-13521.jpg.bbea85c896fd70d25945f584c70af731.jpg

There was a fair stock of Moray Cup in the shop I was in at lunch. I’ll buy them all and sell them to you (or anyone else that way inclined)?
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