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1 hour ago, Dee Man said:

I just came in to post something and clocked this but didn't get a notification. WTF is the deal @Div?

I take it I've mentioned before that this was me and the wife's first dance tune at our wedding? What a cool song. QOTSA new album released tomorrow. Happy days although I'm not overly keen on their new song.

Anyhow, I came in to post a picture of my daughter's home made diary cover, the daft racist that she is...



The Kool Kids Klan must be delighted to have such a talented young artist sighed up. 

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23 hours ago, Hedgecutter said:

For all the P&B geography nerds out there, I've just lost a bit of time to this website that lets you drop the outline of whatever country over another to compare relative sizes, taking projection system stretching into account.  A holiday route that I just booked just doubled in length having found this immediately afterwards. F***.  


Greenland takes a fair shrinking:




Looks like KB's map of Glasgow city centre.

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On 11/27/2015 at 08:59, KnightswoodBear said:

I've helpfully sketched out the City Centre so we can put this whole sorry episode to bed.

Anyone who disagrees is a c**t.



3 minutes ago, throbber said:


Your circle that you posted went south of the Clyde.


Someone else explain it.  Again.

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