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What the f**k is football coming to? In the Record today it has Mehmet allegedly getting paid £10k a week at his new club in Turkey, and dubs posted in the Misc. Other Football forum West Ham's wage bill, which included wasters like Danny Gabbidon getting paid £50k p/w. Makes me feel a bit sick.

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Last night at the gym there was a man aged circa 50 lounging by pool reading a Goosebumps book.


^^^^ Best Goosebumps book ever. Read it in one sitting.

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Trying to stay under the radar at the moment. My lack of motivation to work today is reaching an all time high.

Just had Mini Shredded Wheats with banana. Fooking magic! biggrin.gif

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I think today perfectly sums up eBay for me. It's both brilliant and terrible.

I've bought a new laptop battery, much needed, for cheaper than elsewhere. However, I've also just bought a novelty 8-ball gearknob, for absolutely no reason other than it amused me for about 4 seconds. Just long enough to commit to buy. That's £7 I'll never see again!

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