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The New Raith Rovers Thread

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9 hours ago, Gav_RRFC said:

Selling some of my Rovers shirt collection, if anyone is interested. Here’s the list:

2020/21 Away shirt

2020/21 Home shirt

2016/17 Away shirt

2010/11 Away shirt

Light blue training shirt

2009/10 Scottish Cup shirt

Black polo shirt



Geezo, good luck selling some of those at the prices you're after. £34.99 for the Gary F Locke season away top AND postage 😅

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13 minutes ago, RRFC_Liam said:

Why would he come back if he left the club completely, he could’ve retired and stayed on as coach, there’s probably more to it than just a simple retirement 

There wasn’t a position available with Agnew in place. Now he’s had a couple of months and could slide right back into a role he had been shadowing for a couple of months. We could certainly use his insight for Nolan, O’Riordan and Ngwenya, I’d take him in a New York second. He might even help us find out if Dick is a LB or CB…not sure he can fix Millen, though.

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5 minutes ago, pub car king said:

Can he play instead of Millen. I thought Agnew had various other interests that kept him busy at least a couple of days a week.  

Yeah I get the impression Agnew was struggling to make most training sessions.

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7 minutes ago, bobbykdy said:

Colin Cameron was a former assistant of Murray, don't know if that would be a possibility?

I'd probably greet if I seen him coming up the stairs and out the tunnel clad in Rovers gear as we chanted his name. My all time hero watching the Rovers as a youngster in the 90's. 

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14 minutes ago, Enigma said:

Yeah hopefully we get a full time replacement in, ideally a proven coach with a decent track record.

Reunite the Dumbo dream team and get Jack Ross in. Would he pretty much all he could get just now 😆

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